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Don't be a Victim Again!

JambBrace is a heavy-duty aluminum insert that strengthens the weakest part of a door - its frame. Completely concealed within the door trim, the Jamb Brace is unseen. The preferred installation of the JambBrace is to use it in conjunction with a Schlage B60 or Kwikset Smartkey dead bolt and an EWI L-shaped door edge protector (Look in our products section). This "door reinforcer system" makes it virtually impossible to break-in the door using physical force.

Developed by veteran home builders and supported by law enforcement agencies and insurance companies from California to Maine, the JambBrace was designed with homeowners in mind.

"We've helped so many people build a new home only to watch their happiness shattered because that home was burglarized." says Ron Olberding, co-creator of JambBrace. "People spend thousands of dollars on alarm systems and locks, then a burglar kicks in their front door. We knew that securing the frame, door edge and a quality dead bolt were the keys to keeping thieves out."

Working closely with one of America's major suburban police departments, the developers of JambBrace tested their product against dozens of other theft-deterrent systems. The results were so convincing that the police department involved in the testing, helped revise city building codes making it mandatory that new homes are fitted with a reinforced door frame.The innovative JambBrace is the ideal choice for contractors, homeowners and apartment managers.

Vendor Applications

We welcome vendors to become part of the Edward Wayne family in supporting better security through our products. If you would like to carry the full line of JambBrace Security Products, please contact our office for a complete application

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JambBrace products are available at a variety of home supply vendors and through our website directly. Please click through our product line and find what is right for your home and your family's safety!

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